Breeding Program

About Sand Cherry Stables

Sand Cherry Stables is a Warmblood Breeding and Training Facility is located in beautiful Essex County, Ontario Canada (about 30 minutes from the Detroit/Windsor border crossing). 


Specializing in Top Hunter/Jumper Bloodlines, we strive to achieve quality offspring with exceptional minds and extreme athletic capabilities. Although our breeding program is young, it is founded on many years of experience working with top horses, riders, coaches and with some of the top Warmblood breeders is North America. We are seeing just what we are capable of producing through thoughtful breeding selections in many of the offspring we have produced.

Breeding Philosophy

We aim to breed Warmblood horses with the movement and temperaments required to excel in Hunter/Jumper both beautiful and with sound conformation to ensure that they are to remain sound for a competitive life in the sport. The bloodlines utilised are not limited to any one Warmblood organization, (ie not exclusively Hanoverian, Holsteiner, etc.), but are at the forefront of their breed. 

Quality and not quantity, is our priority with only 2 broodmares selected to be bred at any one time. These mares have been selected on their temperament, conformation, performance and bloodlines. 

Similarly the stallions that have been carefully selected with a strong emphasis on temperament, conformation, rideability, movement and performance. 

Sand Cherry Stables Breeding Progam
" Behind every legend is a breeder who thoughtfully saw greatness combined from a vision that could not yet be seen."
- Heather DaSilva