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3rd Annual Strides for Stability 2017 Show

Updated: Oct 21, 2017

Well Done Team Sand Cherry!

We couldn't possibly be happier with the effort of riders, horses, coaches and volunteers at the 3rd annual Strides for Stability Show in Essex!

"I am soo pleased with all of the great horsemanship skills demonstrated this past weekend! Sand Cherry Stables Equestrian Team put forth our best efforts and came home with many beautiful ribbons!!" - Heather DaSilva

Congradulations to Madelyne Jackson Durocher, Brooklyn Larocque, Catherine Huffstetler, Isabelle Petrova, Lauren Albano, Tayler Withington.

  • Placements for all Riders

  • #2 Barn Team Placement

  • 5 Reserve Champions

  • 1 Top JR Dressage Rider

I am so proud of our barn, Sand Cherry Stables, for being the runner-up for Top Barn at the 3rd Annual Strides for Stability show this weekend. This was a new showing for many riders, and horses, and we had far fewer competitors than some of the other barns that attended. The best part was that everyone had so much fun, and learned so much - this little accolade is just an unexpected lovely perk! - Briar Jansons

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