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Sand Cherry hosts Clinician Joanna Niles of EquiSTRONG

Updated: Oct 22, 2017

At Sand Cherry, we believe clinics are an exceptional way to evaluate your existing knowledge and skill level and further improve your riding skills, through fresh eyes and expertise, additional to your regular lesson and coaching program.

"Everyone has a different eye, that's why I like clinicians - one's with a good reputation for training and coaching. There are so many different skills you can learn from different people to increase knowledge base and skill level." Heather DaSilva

At our October clinic, Joanna provided an intense, individualized training experience catered to the riding level and discipline of each rider. With focus on the "training pyramid", riders worked their way through an hour of one-on-one instruction gaining additional knowledge and understanding beginning with the fundemental basic of rhythm and moving up. Joanna offered a keen eye for technicque and posture and all riders walked away with an increased level of accomplishment!

With over 15 years of riding experience, Joanna has dedicated her life to the development of equestrians, their horses, and the sport. Joanna holds degrees of Kinesiology and Athletic Therapy and York University, as well as, professional certifications as a CSEP Personal Trainer, Red Cross First Responder, and coach. Joanna's goal is to marry her talents as a fitness professional and equestrian sportsman to provide the industry with access to quality strength, conditioning, and therapeutic services that every athlete deserves.

We would like to thank Joanna for making the 6+ hour drive to Essex County for this top notch, two day clinic experience!

You can check more out about Joanna and the services she offers at EquiSTRONG <here.

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