• Heather Roung-DiSalva

Thank you Ms. Courtney

Courtney has been the Lesson Coordinator and Coach for our youngest riders (ages 4-10) here at Sand Cherry Stables for the past 3 years. She has taught countless young students basic fundamental skills, early horsemanship, confidence and love for the equestrian sport. Courtney has taught as many as 30 lessons a week and is known for her patience and smile. You may not know, Courtney is a certified teacher with a Bachelor of Education, as well as, works in the food and service industry. She is as hard working, committed and passionate.

It is now time for Courtney to focus on her career as a teacher (as her professional work schedule increases with the school board), prepare for her wedding in the coming year and devote more time to her horse Thunder. Although she will be greatly missed as one of our Coaches, we are excited for Courtney and that awaits ahead for her.

And don't worry, you will still see Courtney and Thunder here at Sand Cherry Stables. We are certain she will always be available for a hug with her infectious smile! We also won't be surprised to see Courtney cheering at horse shows or even doing a bit of competing herself!

On behalf of Courtney's students and everyone here at Sand Cherry Stables, THANK YOU Courtney. We wish you all the best with your future endeavours!

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